Monday, May 3, 2021 at 2:20 PM
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Community Life Events & Calendar

Welcome to Natick Catholic Community Life Events & Activities

Purpose:  To plan events/activities for the Natick Catholic Community; Develop a yearly plan; Develop an event's calendar for publication based on the development plan; Develop and execute a plan to obtain and retain volunteers. 

Goal:  The community life committee is entrusted with the development of activities, events, spiritual needs and other social activities with the focus on the Natick Catholic Community.  Committee will meet 5-6 times per year to plan, evaluate, discuss and update the community life social activities for the Natick Catholic Community.

Community Life Committee:
 Matt Leitao                    Kathy Muleski
  Mike Fair                         Christine Ackerman
 Mike Rourke                           Tricia Fair




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