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St. Patrick: Mass Ministries

Altar Servers

Altar servers assist the priest and other ministers at Mass and other liturgical events for the sake of an edifying worship experience. They are responsible for setting up the altar, vessels and cloths for the service of God. They do much of the practical movement so that everything will be in its proper place at the proper time.

Along with our young servers, we have adult altar servers that are involved in this ministry for Daily Mass, Special Masses and Funeral Masses. These servers assist in the greatest act of worship in the Catholic community. Their presence guarantees an economy of motion so that full attention may be directed to the actions of Jesus, the Eternal High Priest. For youth altar servers, please contact Lisa Burgoyne at For adult altar servers, please contact Chuck Young at

Children's Choir

The Children’s Choir has begun rehearsals!  The choir meets on Tuesday afternoons from 3:45-4:30PM at The Joseph Center on 5 Wilson Street and sings at the 9AM Mass each week.  We welcome all parish children (grades 2+)
who enjoy singing and want to be involved in the Children’s Mass.  If your child is interested in joining, please contact Will Sawyer at for more information!

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministry is composed of the laity who have been called and trained by the Church to assist in the nourishing of God's children with the Body and Blood of Christ. Each minister receives a series of instructions dealing with the Christian life and the role of lay ministers, with emphasis on the Eucharist.

Extraordinary Ministers assist the priest in distributing Holy Communion at Sunday and daily Mass, bringing the Eucharist to the sick at area hospitals, nursing homes, and making home visits to those unable to participate in community worship.

Parishioners are encouraged to notify the rectory of someone they know who is hospitalized or confined to a nursing facility or at home, so the Church can respond to their needs. For more information, please contact


The Ministry of Lector is to proclaim the Word of God in love and truth at our liturgy so that worshippers may come to hear the Word with understanding. Lectors undergo training on how to proclaim, but more importantly are encouraged to read the Sacred Scripture and ponder it so that when they speak, they are in essence the voice of God proclaiming His Word for our salvation, for "faith comes from what is heard." (Romans 10:17). For more information about weekend Masses, please contact John Gills at For information on daily Mass, please contact Chuck Young at

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry intensifies the celebration of the Liturgy as it becomes actively involved by listening, praying, and singing. Singing at the liturgies belongs to everyone but the ministry recognizes the special gift of musical talent. In addition to its liturgical role, the choir enhances the seasons of the Church year by performing seasonal concerts such as Advent, Christmas, and Lent. These concerts are an opportunity for the choir members to help us to enter into these seasons in a special way and to showcase their talents. For more information please contact Will Sawyer at or click here.


At Masses we are greeted at the door by ushers who welcome us to the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, assist attendees with access and seating, facilitate the weekly collection, and the presentation of gifts.  They also provide us with bulletins, and answers questions and needs as they arise.  Many times people are greeted by name, and the concerns of the week are shared.  In one sense, all of us should be ushers as we enter the House of God for worship.  We are called by the Lord to be present to one another and listen to the needs and concerns of our brothers and sisters so that we can all feel at home. For more information, please contact Artie Fair at 508-653-6281 or



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