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St. Patrick: Christian Service Ministries

Hospital Visitation Ministry

It is the honor and privilege of members of these ministries to bring the Eucharist to those Parishioners who for reasons of infirmity, accident or for age related issues are unable to attend Mass.  Hospital Ministry members visit Catholic patients at the Metrowest Medical Center in Natick in order to assure them of the support of the Church and refer them to the chaplaincy office about concerns and particular spiritual needs. For more information please contact Judy Donovan at

Extraordinary Homebound Ministry

After a Homebound person contacts the Rectory, an assessment is made and a schedule is set up which accommodates both the Extraordinary Minister and the Homebound Parishioner.  It is important that anyone who finds themselves incapacitated for any reason still be included in the Parish and in all the prayers of the faithful.  For more information, please contact  Dianne Sibley at

Morning Coffee

Our Morning Coffee Ministry involves individuals and families who are willing to help prepare and serve coffee and sweets after Sunday Morning Masses and Tuesday Morning Mass.  This allows parishioners to gather in an informal setting to partake in the goodness of the Catholic family.  It is a simple activity and yet so much can be done over a cup of coffee or juice when two or more people share their faith and friendship with others. For more information, please contact Maureen O'Brien at 508-397-7162 or

Pine Street Inn Ministry

St. Patrick Church has been involved with the Pine Street Inn for over 30 years.  During this time volunteers have contributed food on a monthly basis, traveled to Pine Street to serve meals and have participated in various fundraising efforts. Each month, team leaders call approximately 80 volunteers to let them know of the specific food donation.   On the first Saturday of the month, food is dropped off at St. Patrick’s Church and is later transported to Boston.  A different team of six volunteers transports the food to Pine Street on the first Saturday of the month and then stay to serve the evening meal.  On any given evening, 250 – 300 men are served a full dinner.  The Pine Street Inn Ministry is always looking for new members whether it is for donations or serving meals. Please click here for more information, or contact Pam Harris at 508-560-5689 or

Religious Education Program

The Religious Education Program has a strong family focus, offering faith learning and faith growing opportunities for families and their children from kindergarten through high school. It seeks to educate and involve our volunteer teachers, and to strengthen the community by encouraging our young ones to become active participants in their Faith, through Grade Masses, Activities and Crafts, Community Service, Research Projects and real accountability in learning. Youth participate in classes; young adults volunteer as teachers, assistants, or hall monitors; and young adults can volunteer as assistants. Please email for more information. 

Social Activities Ministry

This ministry provides the opportunity for parishioners to come together in faith and friendship.   Volunteers are always needed to help assist in the many social events at St Patrick’s.   Our social gatherings become the perfect opportunity for parishioners to get to know one another in a relaxed setting and we welcome any and all volunteers to make these events successful.…whether you bake, greet, set-up, clean-up or want to be part of  the planning.  All are welcome! This ministry also needs creative members who are willing to assist with the bulletin boards in the church and school. For more information, please contact Maureen O'Brien at 508-397-7162 or

Decorating Ministry

The Decorating Ministry focuses on decorating the upper and lower church with flowers/plants throughout the year, but especially for Easter and Christmas.  Watering and removal of flowers is overseen by this ministry as well.  A Green Thumb is not required - just the gift of your time is most appreciated!  Any questions can be directed to Maria Young at or call/text 508 505-6575.



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