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Religious Education: Information for Volunteers

Our Religious Education Volunteers are the very life of our program. Their generosity of time and talent make our program possible. Our children are the future of our faith, and these normal, everyday people help our families to provide their children with the strong foundation required to be a person of faith in the modern world. With the addition of each volunteer, our program is strengthened with fresh perspectives, creativity, greater safety, and organization, allowing us to provide smaller class sizes, and more sessions for our families. If you are interested becoming a part of this rewarding and life-giving ministry, please contact the Religious Education Office at or call (508) 907-6220, or click here and fill out the form.

It’s never to late to get involved! Also, if you are interested in volunteering, but are uncomfortable leading the classroom, there are many other ways that you can help. Below are some of our constant volunteer needs:

Lead Teacher - (Weekly) Teaches curriculum, prepares and leads lessons and activities, oversees classroom, communicates and builds relationships with students and families, attends teacher meetings as scheduled.

Assistant Teacher - (Weekly) Helps maintain classroom order, retrieves and collects supplies, assists with attendance/handouts/office communication, helps students who miss class to obtain materials missed.

Substitute/On Call List - (As Needed) Available to cover for teachers, assistants, or hall monitors who are unavailable due to vacation, illness, or emergency.

Office Assistant - (Weekly/Rotating) Collects and records attendance, assists in follow up calls for absences, answers the phone, checks absence hotline, maintains phone log, assists the Directors of Religious Education.

Hall Monitor - (Weekly/Rotating) Responsible for helping maintain order in the halls, brings attendance to the office, oversees child safety and behavior outside the classroom during class hours.

Volunteer Coordinator - (As Needed) Helps to build camaraderie with our volunteers by organizing fun events, educational opportunities/trainings, and gatherings for prayer/worship.

Community Service Volunteer - (As Needed) Helps update our Community Service Bulletin Board with service opportunities and needs in the Parish and Local Community.

Historian/Photographer - (As Needed) Helps advertise the good work we are doing, providing the latest news about our program to our families, the parish, and the community.

Additional Office Help - Preferably computer literate, able to help with data entry, and other office tasks such as photocopying, sorting and filing, etc.

If you see other needs, or feel you could be of service in some other way than what is listed here, please contact us and let us know!


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