Saturday, December 1, 2018 at 3:18 PM
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Saint Patrick Lector Service Calendar

St. Patrick Sunday Masses
Sunday Mass Schedule: Fall / Winter 2018











4:00 PM

Charles Gobron

Rich Brosseau

Patrick Keeney

Rich Brosseau


Joseph Acquah









7:30 AM

Chuck Young

Paul Power

Erin McCann

Paul Power


Lori Howe

Ed Zicko


Kathleen Hogan






11:30 AM

John Gillis

Tina Tufano

Peter Ramjug

Stephanie Mullervy


Dan O’Connor

Mariam Maloyan

Helen Goldkamp

Patty Schlossberg






5:30 PM

Mary-Ellen Maloney

Nancy Maguire

Marilou Leshinsky

Charles Gobron


AJ Fair


Matthew Sharon

Joe Delvecchio


Aug 26, 2018

   ● 21st Ordinary, Year B

Sep 2

   ● 22nd Ordinary

Sep 9

   ● 23rd Ordinary

Sep 16

   ● 24th Ordinary


Sep 23

   ● 25th Ordinary

Sep 30

   ● 26th Ordinary

Oct 7

   ● 27th Ordinary

Oct 14

   ● 28th Ordinary


Oct 21

   ● 29th Ordinary

Oct 28

   ● 30th Ordinary

Nov 4

    ● 31st Ordinary

Nov 11

   ● 32nd Ordinary


Nov 18

    ● 33rd Ordinary

Nov 25

   ○  Christ the King

Dec 2

    ● 1st Advent, Year C

Dec 9

    ● 2nd Advent


Dec 16

    ● 3rd Advent

Dec 23

    ● 4th Advent

Dec 30

    ○ Holy Family

Jan 6, 2019

    ○  Epiphany

We are fortunate that some of our Lectors are able to read at more than one Mass. This enables us to have two people scheduled to read at each Mass, in most instances. If you would like to read at a Mass where we now have only one reader scheduled, please let us know!    

If you are unable to read as scheduled, be certain to let your partner know well in advance so they can properly prepare. If you are the only lector scheduled and cannot read, please arrange for your replacement by contacting someone from the Lector Contact List.

If you have difficulty finding a replacement, call me (John Gillis) at 508 655-8634 or Chuck Young at 508-655-2010. If you can not reach either of us, please let the rectory know you can not read so that alternate arrangements can be made.

NOTE: When two lectors are scheduled for the same Mass, unless they otherwise agree, the first Lector will read the first reading and, if there is no Deacon participating, The prayers of the Faithful. The Lector named second will read the second reading and, when there is no Cantor, the Responsorial Psalm.

Please pardon me if I have made any mistakes or omissions with your information. Let me know and it will be corrected. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or know of anyone who would like to become a lector please call me, or contact the rectory.  

Thank you for your cooperation and support of this ministry.



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