Saturday, December 1, 2018 at 3:18 PM
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Perpetual Adoration Testimonials

Testimonies from those who visit our chapel and spend regular time with the Lord in Adoration: 

 “Spending time before the Lord in prayer has brought tremendous blessing to my life and my family.” 

“My relationship with Jesus has grown and deepened over time.  I have learned to trust in Him.”

“I found true peace in the Lord’s presence despite the pain and hurts in my life.”

“I know the Lord is heals my soul when I am in his presence.”

“I do Adoration because the world needs our prayers more than ever.”

“I come before the Lord to pray for my children who are away from God and the church.  I believe God will bring them back one day because of my prayers.” 

“I do Adoration to spend time with the One who loves me unconditionally.”

“I come to pray and intercede for my children and family who are away from the Lord. I am there on their behalf.”  



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